Sheet Metal Furniture Formaldehyde Climate Chamber Specification
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  Features combined with modern furniture plywood, formaldehyde is a fundamental climatic test chamber to achieve. If the public are aware, furniture is part of the plywood, particleboard and other materials such as composition, which is why in the furniture manufacturing process of each veneer edge banding is very easy to release to the environment caused by pollution, harmful formaldehyde and other related harmful gases. According to the substance of this plywood and formaldehyde emitted not quantitative, greater harm to the human body. BANG Instrument Co., Ltd is according to GB18580-2001, GB/T23825-2009, GB/T17657, ASTMD5582 and other standard design BA-THF formaldehyde climate chamber to detect the formaldehyde content of the key.
  BA-THF formaldehyde climate chamber, in terms of its technology and detection parameters BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. is the condition for the use of specially developed and manufactured; the relevant parameter specifications are as follows:
      1.Climate tank temperature control, humidity tank is provided with a high and low temperature alarm protection measures, and high and low water protection measures
condensing units and stable operation, long service life
box speed in 0.1 ~ 0.5m / s continuously adjusted between
      2.Using advanced technology inside the heat exchanger. Improve heat transfer efficiency , reduce the temperature gradient in the climate chamber
      3.The use of advanced tracking control technology, to avoid the previous climate chamber vulnerable to external environmental temperature and humidity affect the problem; ensure that detects ambient temperature and humidity of the dynamic precision control, authenticity and reliability of test data.
      4.Climate chamber temperature and humidity adjustment time is short, high control precision, easy to operate. Temperature sensor high precision , stable performance ; humidity sensors are small , responsive, feeling wet fast, stable, reliable, easy to aging, there are certain corrosion resistance
      5.can be designed according to customer demand for computer-controlled gas sampling
      6.Technical Specifications:

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