Environmental Testing Equipments for FM Wireless Mobile Communication
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  FM based GB/T15844.2-1995 mobile radiotelephone environmental requirements and test methods, electrical and electronic products environmental testing equipment testing methods and other relevant standards shows that mobile FM radiotelephone environmental requirements and test methods relevant requirements.
      Electronic communication equipment:
      1.Low temperature chamber: Testable low temperature storage test, low temperature operation test.
      2.High temperature test chamber: high temperature storage test to test, high temperature operation test.
      3.High-low temperature test chamber: You can test the temperature impact test.

  Over the years, BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. is committed to FM radio mobile communication device context class testing requirements and standard test research and development, combined with the company to improve the original unique technology, based on scientific norms of advanced mobile communication environments FM wireless devices like the whole set of testing equipment proposed setting, research and development, manufacture, testing inputs used in manufacturing electronic communications by all the recognition and trust.

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