How to Choice CORNELL Mattress Testing Machine
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  With modern upholstered furniture industry, including software design and development of the mattress is particularly prominent. To meet the modern pursuit of high-quality standard of living, mattress sleep in people's lives rest occupy a very important position, so Cornell mattress tester through rigorous testing mattress quality and durability performance, most favorable quality mattress guarantee the protection of the interests of enterprises, the driving force behind market development, BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. for the purchase should note, are summarized as follows:
      1.Understanding of the relevant data and structures icon
      2.To understand the scope of Cornell University designed mainly based on the principle mattress testing for all types of soft mattress durability tested to meet ASTMF1566 testing requirements.
      3.Select reputable manufacturers, dealers or agents do not choose to avoid the inconvenience of service.
      4.First understand its technical specifications, such as: load testing standards, testing effective contact area, the effective stroke ... and so on.
      5.Confirm test performance is up to the required standards, such as: setting up test cycles, to set the number of test cycles, will end automatically run.
      6.Detects whether security concerns, ensure that the various loads and controlling part from external influences, nor in the production of external threats.
      7.Number of comparisons and choose reputable manufacturers.
      8.Do not because of lower price considerations, while ignoring the quality of the product is the most important.

      Purchase, be sure to check the specifications clearly, test space should be based on the actual size of the design of their products.
      Mattress Testing Machines, try to simulate the human body’s daily use of the environment.

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