Furniture Physical Testing、Testing Standards、Detection Equipments
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      Come from different parts of the performance, as follows:
      1.the storage furniture strength and stability testing : sliding wear degrees , fatigue , switch test ; drawer strength , displacement, fatigue testing ; axial strength, damage degree , fatigue and switch test
      2.Taiwan and push furniture strength and stability test : horizontal fatigue test ( cantilever or upright cabinet ) , the vertical static weight test , the vertical impact test , the vertical stability testing
      3.Sofa chairs strength and stability testing : sofa chairs face , back, armrest static weight test ;sofa chair surface , back fatigue test ; Legs forward , lateral static weight test ; chairs face , back static weight test
      4.The seat and bench strength and stability testing: Legs forward, lateral static weight test; armrest, seat ring lateral static weight test; swivel rotation endurance test ... etc.

      Testing standards: 
  GB10357.5-89, GB10357.7-89, QB / T 2280, QB/T3661.2-1999, QB / T 2280-2007, QB/T1952.1-99

      Major testing machine: 
  Office Chair Casters reciprocating wear tester , chairs , tables, beds impact tester, test machine cabinets , tables, beds , stools drop test machine, Legs armrest cushion combined testing machine , fatigue rotating office chair tester, seat reciprocating impact testing machine, office chairs chair tray servo static load testing machine, sofa endurance testing machine.

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