Chinese Furniture Industry Development and BANG Intelligent Detection Equipments Research
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  BANG Instrument Co., Ltd has through the Ministry of Social Development Research Cooperation of investigation and analysis, to discuss the past 10 years, China’s furniture industry experience, reform has achieved very good platform, ushered in the first high-speed development period to the amount of expansion based, initially established a complete range of international standards and complete industrial system, the products can meet the needs of the people and the international market. We estimated that in the next five to 10 years in the international furniture industry transfer in the context of Chinese furniture will usher in the second period of rapid development. During this period, the emphasis is no longer a quantitative expansion, but in terms of quality, personalized, user-friendly, with a high demand
for environmental protection.

      Office furniture prospects:
  Back in the 21st century, the Chinese government has been proposed to speed up urbanization and the pace of construction of small towns , rural economy flourish , accelerating progress between towns in order to further stimulate the consumer market , expanding consumption, improve overall productivity and richer citizens value. State this policy must be to promote China’s housing construction, which will be associated with residential development of related industries. According to the needs of society and the State Council, the country's development needs, proposed housing industry, this initiative will bring tens of thousands of products and residential supporting standardization, serialization and industrialization. Since the development of the housing industry, housing as a product into the market for all types of furniture and accessory products provide a space for development. Chinese furniture industry will be brewing a huge market potential.

      The development of intelligent office furniture:
  Smart Office furniture is designed in a traditional office furniture based on the theory as a guide to the relevant basic theory ( artificial intelligence, information theory , cybernetics , systems theory ... etc. ) ; With related application technologies ( IT , microelectronics , sensor technology , intelligent control, servo drive technology ... etc. ) , through the appropriate structures and interface technology to simulate human intelligence activities or automate certain functions, while with the other office -related subsystems organic combination , ultimately so that those who work to achieve a more comfortable, safe, high efficiency purposes. Its products include: Smart CD cabinet, intelligent positioning cabinet, intelligent Shelves, electric Shelves, intelligent rotary cabinet, automatically selected layer file cabinet ... and so on.

  With this combination, BANG Instrument Co., Ltd intelligent office furniture is in the context of development, phase continued to develop.
  Smart universal mechanical Tensile Strength testing machine and a smart office furniture comprehensive strength testing machine, such as a company from the office furniture material testing equipment , no further application of information technology, electronic technology, sensor technology , intelligent control, servo drives and other high-tech , as furniture manufacturing industry provides a strong , comprehensive , high-quality , high demand assurance testing.

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