How to Maintain the Material tensile Strength testing Machine
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  Regarding the precise material tensile strength testing machine, in the use process, the attention effective and the complete maintenance link is quite important. Is likely same on the human body metabolism function, has the good operation environment and the space, the effective reasonable adjustment and the maintenance, can manifest his value fully, moreover, the present measuring instrument no longer is the former traditional work way, along with the technical progress and the development, the mostly instrument has disposed the computer control system and the transmission structure, therefore, the equipment maintenance must not be possible few. The material pulling force measuring instrument maintenance separable becomes two aspects to illustrate that,: 
      1. Component parts:
      1-1. Implement laboratory cleaning and operating specifications: tensile testing equipment as general machinery, which have a good performance, efficiency, precision and accuracy, so he needs a formal and informal laboratory practices.
      1-2. Regularly checks jaw parts screws: If you find loose, the need for timely tighten.
Frequency of testing instruments used more frequently, the need to regularly check the jaw, allowing detection equipment normally maintained in efficient condition.
      1-3. Regularly checks the drive sprocket situations: if found to have loose, shoul
immediately re-seize the sprocket to the original state.
      2 System parts
      2-1. Specification system applications: involuntary unauthorized modification or alteration detected inside the instrument parameters. If not specified by the manufacturer to modify the internal parameters to adjust, whether professional or otherwise, shall not be changed without permission, in order to prevent equipment failure or detection is not accurate in the status.
      2-2. Normal power, no ground wiring to eliminate: Power should be strictly in accordance 
with the standards and specifications required configuration, no grounding wire,Because of static electricity affect device operation.
      2-3. Gracefully shut down the system shutdown operation Cheng Department; keep foreign objects hit the device. Especially the load cell and line control system Systems.
      2-4. Regularly accuracy correction.
      2-5. Exception occurs, first of all, should control manual for troubleshooting steps, if an exception can not be excluded, Shall immediately notify the manufacturer, never attempt to modify, resulting in detection equipment damage.
  The above maintenance key point may do for the check-out facility instrument maintenance reference. If you have a better suggestion, welcome me to take charge of exchanges.

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