The Analysis for Office Furniture Classification, Consumer Groups, Quality Requirements
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  Executed by internationally renowned furniture manufacturing company cooperation and visits insight into the status of office furniture segment , consumer groups and the quality requirements , are summarized as follows:
      On the classification , can be divided into:
      1.material Category: office furniture plate , steel office furniture, metal office furniture , software, office furniture
      2.Using the occasion categories : office, open staff offices, meeting rooms , reading room, library, a training room, laboratory , staff quarters
      3.Using functional classification: desks, office chairs, screens, sofas, coffee table, filing cabinets, bookcases, etc.
      On the consumer group, it can be divided into:
      1.Corporate Purchasing
      2.Government Procurement
      3.Personal Consumption
  At present, the proportion of government procurement is not big enough, for some aspects of speaking, is not sizable, though the quality requirements become more stringent, but it is not comprehensive enough. In fact, the quality of domestic products generally has poor condition; export products abroad due to strict standards, have less status of poor quality.
      Office Furniture status and testing machine:
      1. Domestic office furniture problems: lack of scientific marketing strategies. Embodied in marketing, marketing, channel management, logistics, service, vendor relations and other marketing issues, the lack of stable, long-term strategic guidance and science.
One Phenomenon miscellaneous ( many brands ) , disorder ( disorderly competition in the market ) , bulk ( regional characteristics obviously ) , there are only a handful of brand strength , no one within the first office listed companies.
      Two Phenomena. Low productions, the production base for foreign companies.
Three Phenomena. The design capacity is insufficient, most can only rely on plagiarism living.
      2.Related to product quality and standard applications not in place. Because 
of the lack of laboratories, quality assurance of products there is a large loophole. For quality control of cognitive deficiencies and are not familiar with testing equipment for furniture

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