Plastic Tensile Strength Testing Machine
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      The characteristic for Plastic and metal:
      Plastic are many different from traditional metal, glass, ceramics and other materials. she is characterized by light material, for electricity and heat with good insulation.
      Plastic toughness superior to glass and ceramics may be lower than the toughness of different plastics, near or above metals.
      Reaction of external applied load, metal, glass, ceramics are resilient, but it is viscoelastic plastic.
      Metal, glass, ceramic mechanical properties in a wide temperature range less affected by temperature; plastic mechanics of temperature change there is a very significant impact.
      Humidity on metal, glass, ceramics essentially no effect on the mechanical properties; against plastic mechanics impact is obvious.
      Loading rate on metal, glass, ceramics affect the mechanical properties; mechanical properties of plastics greater impact.
      Most of the presence of metal corrosion problems; many plastics are the best anti-corrosion rust-resistant material.
      Metal, glass , ceramics were no aging problem ; plastics in the atmosphere , there is indeed the problem of aging 

      Plastic mechanical testing Commentary:
      Plastic by external force, due to the type of force, direction, magnitude of the force, speed and the like are different; there will be different deformation and damage.
      At slower speeds the external force, the material exhibits a static mechanical properties.
      In the high-speed, instantaneous force, the material exhibits dynamic mechanical properties, such as: impact strength.
      In certain tensile stress or compressive stress for a long time under the effect of material known as creep deformation occurs , the material can be used to determine the long-term continuous use of performance-related durability , material failure at a time when the load required mechanical properties than the static to be much lower .

      BA-10C universal testing machine test project:
      Tensile properties 
      Bending performance
      Compression performance
      Friction and wear
      Shear properties : Shear Strength
      Shock resistance : Charpy , Izod , drop hammer , drop ball , instrumented drop standard method, pulled impact
      Hardness: Ball indentation , Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness
      Adhesion properties
      Stamina performance
      Creep and stress relaxation
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