How to Purchase Plastic Tensile Strength Testing Machine
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  With the development of technology and the rise of the chemical industry , plastic products, processing technology and the diversity of species they will , the modern requirements of product quality also improved relative to many , the mechanical properties of the product and chemical properties of the test areas, such as tensile strength, yield strength , elongation at break and elastic modulus and other parameters of the testing is very important , therefore , choose a suitable tensile testing machine is more important.
      1. Understand the purpose of testing:
      By understanding the plastic tensile test method, the plastic tensile test, measured by the tensile stress -strain curves and various test data to analyze the static tensile mechanical properties of the material, its tensile strength, yield strength, fracture elongation and modulus of elasticity to make proper evaluation for improvement and development of new products, to provide data as a basis.
      2. Understand the principle of the experiment:
The required test temperature, humidity, and stretching speed, through the longitudinal axis of the sample are applied to the load, deformation to failure of the sample.
      3. Familiar experimental equipment components and application:
      BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. as the computer systems of tension and pressure testing machine, comprising: 
      3-1 is equipped with various models of fixtures
      3-2 Fixture moving speed can be more -or full adjusted to meet the needs of non- test
      3-3 shows the test data value should be at each level of the dial 10% to 90%, but not less than 4% of the maximum load test reading, the display error of about 1 % or less.

  In the understanding of the above content, we must pull testing machine for a variety of performance and price comparison can be made to consult multiple vendors to ensure that the purchase is the most suitable material tensile testing machine.

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