Design Philosophy for New Carton Testing Machine
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  In response to modern living standards improve, more and more application of corrugated boxes extensively, corrugated boxes to protect the goods against rising demand, carton manufacturing enterprises pay more attention to production quality.
  Current testing standards based on corrugated boxes in three ways:
      1.Export packaging specially formulated:GB 5033-1985 and GB 5034-1985 standard
      2.Former State Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau developed: SN / T0262-1993
      3.Cartons use by developed countries:GB / T 6543-1986 and GB / T6544-1999 standards and test methods
  BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. uphold the 10 years of technology development and fully in accordance with international standards for each test device through a new type of environmentally friendly, intelligent, automatic, high efficiency, high-tech, low-carbon, low design concepts, creating a South China area with full -scale testing equipment production base in testing equipment in the industry and market demand, provide more extensive resources.
  New cartons test instrument design philosophy, through a number of criteria, the system provides the technical requirements cartons part of the production and testing requirements, and thus regulate a variety of test equipment design criteria and performance indicators.
  In the present transportation, paper is the most widely used packaging products, according to the different materials used; there are corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes and other single-layer, and a variety of sizes and models. Commonly used cartons into three, five and seven, seven of which usage is relatively low, divided in layers of paper, core paper , corrugated paper , tissue paper , etc., in the paper, and paper with tea paperboard , Kraft paper, core corrugated paper . Various paper texture and color are not the same, different manufacturers of paper (color and texture) are not the same, the entire structure and components has its corresponding detection parameters and items are not the same.
  BANG Instrument Co., Ltd unique testing equipment is such as compressive strength testing machine, stacking strength testing machine, side compression ring compression testing machine, corrugated adhesive strength testing machine, cardboard bursting strength testing machine, paper tearing strength test machine ... and so on. 
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