Optional Parameters for Tensile Strength Testing Machine
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  In the present manufacturing industry, the need of the tensile test equipment, more and more of the tension detection, therefore, to achieve tensile testing equipment of various materials specimen tensile, elongation, etc. to meet the various processing the needs of industry.
  By tensile strength testing obtain high strain rate tensile properties of metallic materials dynamics. In order to show that the test equipment meet the mechanical properties of various materials research needs, only through numerous experimental results,

  Functionally speaking, the tensile test equipment is widely used in rubber, plastics, plastics, films , textiles , fibers, nano materials, polymer materials, composite materials , packing tape , paper, wire and cable , optical fiber cable , seat belts , belt, leather belts , footwear , tapes, polymers, spring steel , bearing steel, stainless steel ( and other high- hardness steel ) , castings , steel , steel , nonferrous metals, automotive parts , alloys and other metals , non-metallic materials such as tension , compression, bending , tearing, peeling 90 degrees , 180 degrees, peel, shear , bonding force , pull rate , elongation, strain rate tests.
      The main technical parameters:
      Load : 0 ~ 5,000 N interval matching
      Power Resolution : 1/100, 000Power Accuracy : ≦ 0.5%
      Displacement resolution: 1 /1 , 000Displacement accuracy : ≦ 0.5%
      Metal stretching meter resolution: 1 /1 , 000
      Metal stretching meter accuracy : ≦ 0.5%
      Large deformation tensile meter accuracy : ± 1mm
      Speed range : 0.001 ~ 500mm / min ( special test speed formulated according to customer requirements )
      Power supply : 220V; 50HZ
      Power: 400 W
  If you need more detailed parameters, please contact with us. We will do the best for yours.

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