Zipper repeated testing machine detection technology(BS3084 standard)
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      Zipper is a variety of bags, luggage production process, and an indispensable component part in the life of the application quite extensive. Tight zipper repeated its detection on related standards such as: QB / T2171-2173-2001, BS 3084 made ??a detailed inspection requirements and guidance.

      Such as model BA-7016 Zipper repeated testing machine, is based on the standard BS3084, QB/T2171-2173-2001 detection technology requirements and design and production testing equipment. Equipped with special test equipment and fixtures and jigs and repeatedly by a group of sports transmission and display system. The instrument will repeatedly test specimen 30 beats / min, stroke 75mm, opening and closing angles to open 30 and closed 60 of the technical parameters to be tested.
      Sample size requirements: 
      1 Test Range: Zipper specifications 3.5mm ~ 12mm.
      2 Test Fixture: Width 25mm, length 10mm, clamping surface tooth angle of 60 degrees, pitch 1.5mm, tooth top width 0.2nun
      Test procedure: 
      1 zipper first end (bottom dead end) fixed at a fixed point (the tab inward)
      2 the pull-tab fixed to the pull-tab fixture
      3 the zipper end (upper end stop) is fixed at D, E point
      4 Release a fixed point, the end of the zipper pull up, take along a fall in the  balance of the fixed intermediate plate hole, and the human point clamped (Meanwhile, visual D, E point on the horizontal line)
      5 The horizontal clamp blocks B, C loosen, allowing both sides of the fastener tape cloth tape into B, C fixture clamping jaws with teeth clip about 5nun, at this time, five fixed-point fixed completions
      6 Pull times supreme instrument adjustment limit, release the pull tab fixture, visual zipper is kept straight. If you do not meet the requirements, re-adjust to the fixture completed
      7 different specifications zipper, respectively, in its horizontal and vertical load is applied within the specified requirements
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