The Detection Equipment and Test Range for Adhesive
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   Adhesive is a modern industrial application of a relatively wide range of products, and its formulation in the resin, curing adhesive, modification agents and fillers have a great selectivity. Commercial adhesive into A liquid type and B liquid type. A liquid type products for 100% non-volatile liquid, solvent solution, paste, film or powder; B liquid type component adhesive agent will resin and hardener separately packaged, liquid and pasty two kinds, usually in the optimum temperature deployment, in addition to its composition resin and hardener, will also include diluents, softeners, fillers and reinforcing agents.

     For quality requirements and testing equipment requirements are relatively high, from the use of point of view, is a combination of adhesive, which combines physical creation than the original sum of the parts is greater whole. They and their combination of metal, glass, wood, paper, fiber, rubber and plastic, compared, the amount is very small. It is like yeast, the Netherlands and the rain kept the relationship between vitamins affect human health and the use of performance.

     For this reason, special attention to the ambient gas detection, the mechanical properties of two aspects of the test. So, usually with a VOC environmental chambers and peel strength testing machine for testing of such products.
      VOC environmental chamber: adhesives used to detect volatile gases. Predict in advance the presence of hazardous gases, thereby changing the composition of its configuration and allocation ratio. In addition, it can be used with other special equipment, furniture, plates detected VOC gases.

     Adhesive peel strength testing machine: It is high technology testing equipment. With intelligent computer control, its powerful testing capabilities, computing mode, with figurative statements editing and output.

     In adhesive development today, through effective, efficient and comprehensive testing, not only can control the quality of products, more to enhance market share, bringing the company more profitable.

     Such testing equipment in addition to adhesives, most of the various types of tape products can be tested, the installation of special equipment, can test plates, electronic and plastic products testing. This is BANG Instrument Co., Ltd are now the most flexible testing equipment, also, in the use side, also received high ratings and response.

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