Detection Technology of Plastic Characteristic Performance
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  Plastic is the most used raw materials available in the market today. Of China's plastics industry is booming in the world of plastic products has penetrated various economic fields.
  Widely used in the market, while its quality and low density, high strength, and has high corrosion resistance and insulation characteristics. Plastics and some good wear resistance, impact resistance shock some good, and some outstanding fatigue resistance.
  The above mentioned features, plastic testing equipment is relatively broad and touches of environmental class testing equipment, mechanical and physical properties testing equipment, is now on its properties as follows: 
      1. processing properties: melt flow rate, melting temperature, the processing temperature range, the injection pressure of plastic film, solid / liquid compression ratio.
      2. Mechanical properties: Tensile strength, breaking elongation, tensile yield stress, tensile modulus, flexural modulus.
      3. Thermal properties: coefficient of linear expansion, heat distortion temperature.
      4. Physical properties: density, water absorption, dielectric strength.
  In addition to the processing properties, mechanical properties, thermal properties and physical properties, there are special functions implemented performance. Such as packaging products, to be made ??in transparency, chemical resistance, permeability to gases and liquids, but also edible food harmless plastic packaging requirements, interior plastic products require flame redundancy requirements have weather outdoor plastic products and other requirements of the anti-aging properties, electrical insulation performance requirements have plastic parts, injection molding products should melt flow, curing contraction and release and other relevant performance requirements.
  BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. in the production of BA-10C-12 universal testing machine, for example, is able to meet the many detection technologies and associated parameters.

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