The New Design Concept for Tape Testing Machine
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  According to the Division I Plastics and plastic products factory survey found that study concluded, plastic and plastic products design is the first to determine the product features and performance indicators, and then select the appropriate materials to determine molding process. Then, the design and calculation of product structure, rendering plastics production drawings. Perfect design of plastic products also includes products failure analysis, costing and product functionality and performance testing.
  Visible, plastic products design and technology is a more perfect system and, therefore, the detection of various properties, such as mechanical properties: tensile strength, elongation at break, tensile yield stress, tensile modulus, flexural modulus, etc. ; thermal performance: linear expansion coefficient, thermal deformation temperature, etc.; physical properties: density, water absorption, dielectric strength to be more comprehensive.
  Therefore, plastic and plastic testing equipment technologies and design concepts, not only to ensure the functionality and performance testing products for the results, but also to consider the cost of inputs and projecting equipment seized carbon critical tasks. The only way to compete in the market is to have innovative technology, and help the majority of customers to reduce demand for more consumption, improve quality of quality.
  BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. always to the scientific concept of development, high-tech development technology mission, then innovation, development and challenge difficult in practice, it is more abundant accumulation of persistent Endeavour equipment manufacturing, research and development experience and technology, to obtain many domestic and foreign enterprises to support, trust and recognition. Face of market development and services, our instrument is designed in strict accordance with national standards and laboratory testing standards, is committed to achieving uniform standards, customer standards, the use of multi-element, multi-angle, new concepts, high intelligence, low consumption, high environmental protection, high performance design concepts to meet customer detection, low consumption, high performance, high efficiency, high intelligence equipment needs.
  For BA-10C-12, BA-VOC, BA-THR-5 as an example, the use of plastic testing equipment a new design concept unique technology, more specific details can be found with us, in good faith for the majority of customer service.

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