The Related Standard Parameters for Tape Testing Equipments
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       Tape Concept:
  From the substrate and the adhesive is composed of two parts. Adhesive materials are mainly: hot-melt adhesive, acrylic adhesive, synthetic rubber and natural rubber; base from polypropylene film, a polyvinyl chloride film, a fiber cloth, fiber plastics, sponge, foam, and a variety of tissue paper material.
  Tape is indispensable in modern industrial and daily life. It is used widely, along with the development of technology is also abundant species, therefore, and must be very strict quality requirements.
  For tape quality testing, the company uses high-tech projection of mechanics, environmental class detection techniques, such as: peel strength tester, room temperature retention, temperature retention, temperature and humidity simulation testing machine, tensile strength testing machine ... and so on.
  Tape testing machine related standards is according to GB/T4852, GB/T4851, GB/T7753, GB/T455.1, GB/T2792 professional development, early sticky, holding viscosity, tensile strength (longitudinal), elongation at break, 180 ℃ peel strength, normal (heat aging), tearing (horizontal) and other detection technologies. For example-BA-10A-11 detection of mechanical analysis below shows tape diagram:

  More tape testing equipment related standard parameters, please contact with us. 

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