The Standards Related Testing Equipments for Package Industry
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  Packaging standards related testing equipment is mainly associated with the ISTA packaging series detections; they can be classified as environmental category inside the test equipment.
  In recent years, with the rise of testing equipment industry, a large number of various types of testing equipment into the market. However, only targeted testing equipment and induction items are still not fully in production, for the following reasons:    
      1. The domestic industry's standard testing equipment is not perfect.   
      2. Application of existing testing equipment technology and innovation, there are many limitations.
  Therefore, we should design more, understanding and standards related to the manufacture of packaging testing equipment, to meet the needs of the marketRequirements. Relevant standards: GB13023-91, GB13024-91, GB5033-85, GB12986-91, SN/T0262-93, GB451.2-89, GB6545-98, GH6546-98, GB6547-98.
  BANG Instrument Co., LTD designed and manufactured specifically for the market demand for packaging standards related testing equipment are as follows:Standard carton compression testing machine, standard packing stacking test machine, free drop test machine,
environmental simulation pretreatment chamber to simulate transport vibration, impact testing machine. For the new test equipment, adopt a more rational, more standardized application of standards and parameters, these technology-based company has the power to end-use applications, For more understanding and inquiry, please contact with us, or to visit our company and mutual exchanges learning.

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