The Related Testing Equipment for Printing Industry
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      Paper printing industry is more progress. It is not only to bring high quality of life for us, but also bring us a replacement elegant taste and beauty Wyatt heart taste. Per currently market demand, the overall printing applications is constantly in flux. Therefore, it is not difficult to find: the future of the paper printing industry is unlimited.
   For paper color printing, the color pattern of household goods, books and magazines ... and so on, large crafts, commercial design drawings, trademark brand design.... etc., are all requirements of top quality, and can durable and durable. However, the current manufacturer for quality control is still a lot of flaws and shortcomings, in order to speed up the quality of supervision and control, and metering monitoring efforts, is the moment you must perform and adhere to.     
      BANG Instrument Co., Ltd always take advantage of the most scientific, most environmentally friendly and most standards and standardized design to produce a summary of the highest quality print-related testing equipment, as follows:     
      Design and reference standard:
      GB451.2-89, GB451.3-89, GB455.1-89, GB13024-91, GB5033-85, GB2679.7-81, GB462-89.     
      Related equipment:     
      Crock test machine, colorimeter, smoothness tester, gloss meter, whiteness meter, paper stiffness testing machine, hot temperature and humidity chamber, the standard light source color boxes, color cards, yellowing resistance aging test machine, digital paper moisture meter.       These are commonly used to print standards-related testing equipment and provide a simple directory; only the name of the product is most introductions. If it is necessary to learn more about and advice, please sign on our official website or call to contact us, we will provide you with more understanding.

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