How to choose Appropriate Tensile Strength Testing Machine
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  To choose an appropriate tensile strength testing machine is very important for all of engaging in the production of each industry. For example: electronic, stickers, textiles, leather products processing industry ... etc. Using a good tensile strength testing machine, not only can test the product of force, peak force, elongation, strain rate, stress and strain, peel strength technical parameters, but also more efficient improved product quality. It will increase export trade opportunities and expand market share, and thus be able to create rich benefits.
     Notes to choose tensile strength testing machine is as below:
     1. Understanding of the market: in order to their own interests, not only to the quality required for the purchase of equipment, a better understanding of the strength of manufacturers, mode of  operation and service ... and so on.
     2 Comparison more vendors: Choose tension testing equipment, many manufacturers    comparison is absolutely necessary. However, the comparison condition is principled, do not   according to personal preference or subjective consciousness to influence the judge. Three   principles are: A. buyers and sellers understanding, B. assess the integrity of the manufacturer,   C. after-sales service system.
     3 The material quality: This project needs to have a technical and professional ability. Generally   speaking, it is hard for common buyers. However, we would still pay more attention to avoid dishonest manufacturers.
     4 Installation principles: for tensile strength testing machine, the control system is different. First, buyer needs to confirm all the necessary functions and parameters in order to select the most suitable equipment. Control system is -LED display, PLC display, servo drive system, and computer control intervention.
     5 Standards and specifications: standards and specifications can be divided into national and world-class, regardless of whichever of equipment quality supervision and inspection of  nuclear is very strict. Failure to standard manufacturing as long as there is little or do not meet the standards, it is a failure of equipment, not only for the protection of enterprise product   quality, and even have the potential to bring unpredictable storm.

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