The Standard Testing Machine for Carton
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  For testing machine industry, the standard is widely used. For example: the relevant standard of carton is: ISTA series, GB2679.8-95, GB13023-91, GB-13024-91, GB5033-85, GB5034-85, GB6543086 and so on.   

     Standard rationalization, standardization, unified, rigorous system of systems, in Bangtest’s equipment has been fully strict, comprehensive and effective combination and application. For carton testing machine aspect, Bangtest puts a lot of effort in it, especially for relative device equipments of ISTA. With the development of the logistics industry, paper packaging industry also went to keep up with the rhythm, coupled with the natural environment is now changing and unpredictable, like the recent earthquake in Japan, nuclear pollution leaks and tsunami storm random attack ... so, no doubt, is not the test the quality of human security and reliability.  

     Now, let us to introduce you relation testing machine for carton: carton drop testing machine, carton compression testing machine, carton stacking testing machine, carton environmental testing machine, carton incline impact testing machine, carton level impact testing machine, carton moisture testing machine, bursting strength testing machine cardboard, cardboard side compression ring compression testing machine, cardboard bonding strength testing machine.   

     Bangtest Instrument Co., Ltd cartons set up a; professional standardized execution supervision department only for carton standards-related testing equipment. Provide the community with better quality, reasonable and reliable service.



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