The Physical Properties Testing Machine for Paper
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     With improving living standard, in order to meet the needs of daily life, paper products can be seen everywhere, such as goods transport packaging various objects, living using paper towels, cardboard boxes used for food, electronics and other used packing outer shell and so on, not only widely and more comprehensive, this paper production is also increasing, technology is increasingly sophisticated.    

     But related paper products and related health and environmental safety testing, but can not meet the requirements of use, safety and security incidents like milk some time ago and now Shuanghui clenbuterol events occur, sufficient to prove all kinds of products related to safety testing is still very large defects, in this paper we summarize for class-related instrumentation.    

      Moisture tester, weight tester, gloss tester, colorimeter, thickness tester, pulp consistency tester, electromagnetic stirrer, pulp freeness tester, paper folding test machine, paper tearing strength testing machine, paper splashing water testing machine, tensile testing machine pull paper, paper Zhang puncture strength tester, stiffness tester paper, paper beating degree tester, paper ring crush strength testing machine ... and other related test equipment, summary above is for reference only, such as there is more information please visit our official website or call.



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