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     Presently, the development of China's printing increasingly rapidly, along with the deepening of China's accession to the WTO, the development of space is quite impressive, but it faces competition in the market and the challenge is much greater. Continuously improve the quality of human life, the desired substance growing awareness of environmental protection and safety, coupled with our country to the "quality" of trade policy guidance, development and growth of enterprises, the only safe and stable shortcut, that is the quality seriously.
     However, today's paper industry, color printing is a particularly important part of China as a manufacturing. The birthplace of paper, its technical technology is not to say. After all, the past achievements is history, brilliant effort still needed today, innovation and creativity in order to save Zuxian Wei durability and great inventions.     
     Are summarized colors printing inspection instruments for all to each enterprise reference, communication and learning.     
     1. Properties testing equipment     
     Crock test machine, colorimeter, smoothness tester, gloss meter, whiteness meter, paper stiffness tester.     
     2. environment-related equipment
     Temperature and humidity chamber, the standard light source color boxes,  color cards, yellowing resistance aging test machine, digital paper moisture meter.   

     If you have a need to know more information about color printing, you are welcome to visit us, let us together exchanges and mutual learning.

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