Detection Equipment Associated With Paper
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     Paper use so widely such as: business cards, tri fold advertising, general brochures, file covers, stickers, stationery and note paper ... and so on. Author believes whether experts or laymen are familiar with these products. However, how much do we know about it? This needs to be discussed.
     As we know, China has thousands of years of manufacturing experience for paper products. Paper is made of plant material, after a series of soaking, processing, forming comes this being a different chemical composition.     

     For consumers, paper’s safety, environmental protection is a important issue; for production enterprises, the production of high quality, high value-added, high-environmentally friendly and low-cost products, is the survival of the most important conditions for subsequently.     
     Thus, considering for producers' long-term interests and consumers' safety and environmental the view point. The physical properties of paper related testing equipment, we summarize as follows:
     Paper folding test machine, paper tearing strength tester, bursting strength testing machine paper, paper splashing testing machine, tensile testing machine drawing paper, paper puncture strength testing machine, paper stiffness testing machine, testing machine paper buckle solution, paper ring crush strength testing machine, moisture tester, weight tester, gloss tester, colorimeter, thickness tester, pulp consistency tester, electromagnetic stirrer, pulp freeness tester and so on.

     Author uses a variety of perspectives to explain paper testing equipment and related information. Wish to help readers to have full aspect understand the paper testing equipment.

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