The Kind of Carton Testing Equipment
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        In today's rapid economic development, carton is most common packaging containers. In order to meet the needs of the logistics, cartons not only bring convenience to people's daily life, and also for corporate, national and international transport of goods to bring quick and secure protection.   
        Currently, world economy has become increasingly active, the demand for carton is also increasing. Although need more carton is the better, but the carton quality requirement is also very important. In view of this, Bang Instrument Co., LTD sincere service to all customers, the use of systematic, standardized, intelligent detection scheme, provide your reference, references, and exchanges; learn from each other, trying to achieve a win-win benefit.                   Hereby, we are summarized the carton testing equipment as below:   
        1 For whole structure in terms of testing equipment:Carton drop test machine, carton compression testing machine, cartonstacking test machine, carton environmental testing machine, carton incline impact testing machine, impact testing machine standard carton, carton moisture tester.
        2 For part of the structure - cardboard testing equipment:Cardboard
bursting strength testing machine, cardboard side compression ring compression testing machine, cardboard bonding strength testing machine,cardboard flat crush strength testing machine.

        Above we mentioned carton detection equipment, is the most commonly. It is also our greatest need. If readers have a new proposal, new information, please leave your message in our Official website, or call us.

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