Testing Machine for Paper Packaging
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      Generally speaking, we are all familiar with the structure on paper; even more familiar for paper packaging.Use paper packaging products are two aspects: first, to enrich our lives need color paper packaging; another of their respective companies, enterprises, trade among countries on the paper packaging applications. Whether living needs or demands of the enterprise trade, paper packaging production is indispensable, therefore, has a paper testing equipment is also necessary. In this paper the author summarizes the market for quality and environmental health needs, provide the following major test equipment solutions for your reference.    
      1. The performance test:Compressive strength testing machine, paper and packaging, paper packaging drop test machine, packing stacking test machines, packaging smoothness testing machine, paper packaging containing water testing machine.    
      2. Environmental testing:
  Paper packaging weathering testing machine, paper packaging vapors testing machine, testing machine gloss packaging, packaging yellowing resistance aging test machine.    
      3.Since the level of paper packaging involves more extensive, face different pieces of paper packaging manufacturer, and the corresponding testing equipment are not the same. Therefore, the author only major generic detection equipment and can set out above.    
      4.If you need a more comprehensive understanding, we wish you can let us know what your needs are. Bang Instrument Co., LTD will provide for your company's specific product information, professional production, and comprehensive, systematic, standardized testing program to help reduce your company's cost reduction and create more profits, and have a more robust market share.

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