Stacking Test Methods
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    Stacking testing is an important test items for paper industry. Especially on the export trade and supply of major brand package needs customers, this detection test is indispensable. Now, we take advantage of BA-3010-5 carton compression testing machine for example, stacking a comprehensive testing process to explain.
    1 First set the stacking constant pressure value after power, turn on the device,  
    the machine test program automatically opens, quickly press the [Function] key for 3 seconds to enter the date of the beginning of the modification-D setting items.
    2 At this point press the [key] peak three times, ie into the stacking constant pressure value is set to the interface, such as: [A000500], according to the testing requirements [Function] key and press the [Print] key to modify the value of the constant pressure stacking After modification key press [Peak] to confirm exit.
    3 Turn the timer switch, [Timer] screen with digital display, press the MODE button on the timer, so that lights the H position, then press the number keys 1 to 4, modification time is set, the maximum adjustable 99 hours and 59 minutes.
    4 Start [up / down] key to confirm the machine shaped Cheng protection device is valid, and adjusted according to the size of the sample, the lower plate spacing.
    5 will test the package when the normal state of packaging and transport as the center of the low pressure plate, adjust the position of the upper platen and the test specimen exposure.
    6 Click the [Zero] key to ensure that the display shows 0.00, click the [Test] key, then press [down] to load test.
    7 When stacking force value reaches the set value at constant pressure, the timer automatically starts timing when the test time to reach the set time, stacking test is completed.
    8 When the test is complete, you should press the [Reset] key, then press [up] key, [High Speed] key to speed up speed so that the machine automatically returns to the pre-test position, press [Stop] key, then easy to remove the test package, see their condition after the test and record, this test is completed.
    1 Stacking setting the static pressure value, depending on the carton set different static pressure value should be within the range of the maximum recommended that no more than 90% F, otherwise inertia, the risk of damage to the load cell.
2 test, not according to [peak] key, otherwise, stacking test is invalid. To clear the timer when the test is complete, otherwise, press [up / down] key will no action response.

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