Common Repair methods and Troubleshooting Steps for Bursting Strength Testing Machine
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  This article explains bursting strength testing machine and standards, functional applications, such as during routine maintenance common abnormal failure. We hope to be able to bring help for better application of existing testing equipment, on behalf of the Company to bring good effect.1 cardboard unbreakable  this is the majority of customers, often encounter problems. But why is there cardboard  
unbreakable problem then? There are two reasons: 1-1 Test control mode breakpoints set high proportion (should transfer paper), usually  
   factory setting is 85%.
  1-2. System settings abnormalities, such as changes in the configuration of the system 
   load cell caps (modified low) will cause the sample to the on-line force value, the 
   system will return to the initial position, unable to continue testing specimens.
2 rubber membranes rupture easily three reasons2-1. Rubber membrane of poor quality, easily broken2-2. Abnormal operations such as peak before the test button pressed, resulting in rubber  
   membrane roof specimen straight ahead until the rubber film rupture2-3. Rubber membrane did not put away, causing the platen take place, rubber  
   membrane discontinuity, local break easily, continuous testing, the rubber 
   membrane abnormal protrusion, not back into position. In fact, this problem is the 
   result of abnormal operation, why? Each of which is a time required test time, this is 
   because the structure of the screw drive to move forward to push the piston of 
   hydraulic oil from the top cardboard bursting rubber membrane, which has pushed 
   the process time, but also must have when the withdrawal of the pressing time, 
   Therefore, one should not rush to test each test a second time, and so returned to its 
   original position to do a second time, otherwise it will get stuck rubber membrane 
   abnormalities protrusions. Print test parameters, time and date no update, the date 
   set exception. With instructions to enter the date of adjustment, year, month, day 
   adjusted to the range of theories, such as: not more than 12 months, the date can 
   not be greater than 31, the time can not exceed 24 hours, minutes, no more than 60 
   minutes Weng, seconds can not be English letter and can not exceed 59.At present, there are some manufacturers, because the market price competition and the use of inferior materials and poor home for technology, so often many including rust glycerol cloudy numerical instability problems occur, these inherent problems in the future can not be more easily treatment, therefore, sincerely suggest you still have to find qualified manufacturers to buy, is the most effective solution.

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