4 Maintenance Principles for Bursting Strength Testing Machine
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    The principles for purchasing bursting strength testing machine are as below:
    1 Using the norms, do not arbitrarily change the parametersIn unfamiliar circumstances, according to standard use, do not arbitrarily change the parameters
    2 cups keep clean instruments and glycerol
Used within the standard experimental eliminate the influence of dust and debris, especially rupture strength testing machine dry oil part is contaminated, it will affect its concentration thereby affecting the value of the force test
    3 regular maintenance and replacement rubber membraneMaintenance: It is recommended once every three months, not necessarily by manufacturers to complete this operation, but should maintain good communication with the manufacturers together to conclude the maintenance items and solve common problems often malfunction.Rubber membrane replacement: rubber membrane is a consumable, with a long break easily and affect the test results, it is recommended replaced every three months, so can quality, quantity, safety
    4 regular testing transmission structure and the amount of glycerol plus putPeriodic testing transmission structure make the device run more smoothly; glycerol plus put frequently used to fill the amount of test glycerin consumption, so has resulted in lack of glycerol, which will affect test accuracy.

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