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  Due to living standards is upgrade. The demand for office furniture is increasing. Relatively, product quality requirements are also rising. The face of brutal market competition, enterprises to effectively occupy a high market share is the key to lies in improving the quality. Midea can develop into today's results, is the emphasis on the quality of the results obtained do? There are so many people will choose Midea, relying on is the quality assurance, worthy of consumer trust.???? For your company, as well as to corporate interests, please be sure to care product testing equipment related information, to facilitate future development of your business more meteoric rise.Existing office furniture testing equipment are as follows:1 Sit stability testing machine。 2 office chair casters wear life testing machine,。3 office chair strength testing machine。 4 office chair backrest repeated testing machine。5.BA-7120 office chair armrest load tester。6. Office chair Ipomoea compression testing machine。7 office chair parallel tensile testing machine。8 office chair rotates life testing machine。9 tables and chairs combination durability tester。10 office chairs shock / front corner hydrostatic durability testing machine。11 stool drop test machine。12. drawer rails repeatedly tester.

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