How to Choice Tensile Strength Testing Machine
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      Tensile Strength Testing Machine is widely used in electronics, metal, leather, rubber, toys, furniture and other related products, testing is an integral part of many business critical instrumentation. On the current market, the manufacturers of many types of tensile strength equipment, so that the customer's choice do not know how to choice, in this, only the type of test functions and related configuration, a detailed introduction, hope to help you.1. Understand the test items and test standardsTensile testing equipment in the purchase, why need to understand the test  items and test standards do?1-1. In the absence of tensile testing equipment before purchasing, becausethe configuration of systems and equipment diversity, understanding customers' equipment salesman only get a preliminary understanding andawareness, not reliable enough, can not fully understand. Involved in theirown product test items generalize well, help to understand the specificdevice testing standards can achieve results.1-2. experimental standard, most products do the test has its associated testStandards such as BA-T10L Rally peel test instrument, to be required to testthe speed of 300mm/min, with stainless steel plates and rolling wheel. Madeof metal, rubber, electronics and other more comprehensive test to BA-10S,for example, tensile speed of 0.1 ~ 500mm/min within the servo motor anddrive wheel and ball rod and high import load cell configuration, making thesystem more stable and accurate. Simple understanding of the test standardcontent, can help you find more suitable for your product testing equipment.2. Tensile strength testing system configurationRally on the market system configuration there are three: First, the ordinaryscrew and motor; it is only suitable for some simple tensile test, the testspeed is generally 50 ~ 300mm/min, for displacement control is not veryaccurate. Second, ordinary screw plus inverter, its system in two ways: LEDand LCD computer control for the computer, the first operation and betterperformance, the test speed at 10 ~ 350mm/min between the computer afterparagraph style can also control scheme results in statement selection andediting. Three liquid crystal panels and is a microcomputer-controlledrandom combination of computer, high-profile servo motor and servo driveand ball screw and imported load cell, speeds of up to 0.1 ~ 500mm/min, forexample: BA-100S especially suitable for furniture, leather, electronics ,metal, plastic and stickers and other industry-related tests.3. Load cell selectionRally testing equipment, precision in the use of the test, the better the loadcell is very important. Currently on the market is divided into two categories:
  domestic and imported. Different detection project depends on its range andaccuracy requirements to configure different load cell.

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