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      After market survey, carton compressive strength tester can be divide into 3 categories by distinguish from the application system: First, ordinary microcomputer LED display, such as the BA-S010-11; second, human-machine interface (PLC); third, software computer testing system, such as the BA-3010C. This article will discuss on first category machine. The main reason is this series of machine are popular in the market.

  Compressive strength test

  1. Preparation before the test scenarios: normal detection device power isturned on, the test platform without disrupting chemicals, keeping thesurface clean test space

  2. Sample preparation: The test box sealed, some customers do not putcardboard boxes sealed, placed directly click on the hand off to do the test,resulting in less than ideal parameters of the test results, this approach isnot acceptable. Should simulate the case of shipping or inventory status,will be sealed boxes do tests.

  3. The prepared test sample placed in the center of the ground, then adjust theheight: the height of the most appropriate, near the upper surface of themeasured object 5 ~ 10mm is appropriate.

  4. Press “peak value” key and “test” button and then turn off the timer, andaccess to test status.

  5. Save and print test parameters. After the test, press the functional parts canbe archived, double-click to view archived parameters, when in the case ofquery archive parameters in order to print the report. Otherwise, othercircumstances would be unable to print a report action.


  :a. During testing period, need to press the “peak value” key. Otherwise, thetest will be not valid.

  b. Press the test button at standard speed 12.7 / minute. Otherwise, the testconditions are not standardized and will affect the test results.

  c. Sample needs to check the appearance of smooth, complete, and noexternal damage

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