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Generally, the most common paper testing equipment is according to their physical changes can be divided into:BA-T10L electronic tensile testing machine, digital bust strength tester, schopper folding endurance tester, pulp freeness tester, paper surface water absorbency tester, sizing tester for paper ( COBB tester), paper thickness tester, ring crush strength testing machine, MIT folding endurance tester, ring crush tester, paper tearing tester, paper puncture strength tester, paper air permeability tester, dust Tester, ZB-B whiteness meter, BA-3011A Bursting Strength Tester, thousandth electronic balance, quantitative sampler, paper drying oven and so on.??? The above are part of the paper testing equipment. Be according to the different uses of paper to do classification, color printing in this area is still many items colorimeter, gloss and color cards.



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