The 10 way for purchasing carton compression tester
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Carton compression tester main purpose of testing is the inspection of goods outside the box, including corrugated boxes, or other similar material packages in the transport and handling during installation is able to protect the goods themselves are not compromised. Because outside the box is only available disposable, and mostly discarded after using. Therefore, the important issue for all of furniture manufacturer is how to use lowest cost on the effectively way.
1 Test StandardAccording to TAPPI-804, JIS-Z02112, GB-4857, ISO-2872, ISTA-ABC, etc.
2 Effective test spacesCurrently available from the mainstream specification has 50 ~ 150cm, but few will be mentioned samples and test the suitability of spatial scale. Has been the Company's BA-S010, for example, we recommend (W × D × H) 85cm or less in the most appropriate. Effective test space is the effective range of the buffer equilibrium structure, because we can not guarantee that the test contact and the contact surface is completely set in the vertical or the complete sample tests, the sample is set in the vertical and balance, the test results repeatability have a great impact, because each production phase compression-type testing machine represents the manufacturers designed a buffer peace punch structure is different.
3 pressure rangesgenerally is in 5TN less. If it is pallet, its weight will over 20TN. Therefore, you should be purchased according to your needs.
4 Test ProjectMust be done in accordance with the standard test pressure and stacking.
5 Transmission and mechanical structuresStructure of the servo drive, inverter, DC motors and servo motors with a screw or a rack drive the former, the test results for high precision and high repeatability. A mechanical structure most in need of attention is the buffer equilibrium structure design is good or not, has a significant impact on accuracy.
6 Control systemThere mainstream microcomputer (single piece) with print control, human-machine interfaces (PLC) and a computer display or computer control. Compression testing machine with a computer, it must be completed with a computer-controlled servo motor, otherwise, are the computer display. As for man-machine interfaces (PLC) The author is not recommended, because the current computer is already quite cheap and small size of the man-machine interfaces (PLC) to display data or curves simply do not know, but it is very expensive and large-size partial maintenance costs high.
7 speedSpeed ??control range can be as long as the standard, but the servo motor can back test bit faster, faster to enter the next round of testing.
8 AccuracyHave to be within 1%. Due to we mention the effect various factors for accuracy before, therefore, we will not discuss it here.
9 RepeatabilityAbove reasons more or less affect the test results. Looking for a quality assurance testing equipment is essential. Otherwise, the big difference between each test data, the user don not knows how to do.
10 Comprehensive mentioned above, after looking for a professional manufacturer you can identify the most suitable instrument for quality control of your products.

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