Apple will use 4 solar patents to be applied in IPhone5
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Apple will use 4 solar patents to be applied in Iphone5:Conjecture which Iphone5 add solar charge function will become more clarified. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office released data show that Apple has been getting patent called "portable with multiple power interfaces". This is fourth solar-related patents for Apple, it means that Apple has been actively developing display solar-powered mobile device technologies

Apple has 4 solar patents:
According to news report show: Apple has proposed number "7868582" patents in February 2009. Proprietary content noted that the invention is focused on the mobile device battery charging technology, through a voltage converter can integrate with a variety of power including solar sources. Proprietary content also pointed out that this battery charging technology can be used in "media player, notebook computers, tablet computers, mobile phones, image processing device, and handheld computing devices", also led to speculation that the next Apple product will be fully equipped with solar charging function. According to Apple Insider Web site reported that, in fact, Apple had the same name in 2006 initiated this patent, but in the case of not approved, Apple in 2009 Youyi same name again filed a patent application. IP Biz intellectual property website reported that, Apple patent application was unsuccessful previously, mainly the patent leather with a solar rechargeable batteries and a solar cables were similar, but Apple has finally to the patent "Plug & Play "and with the use of devices to differentiate regulate power characteristics. Apple patented the current content analysis and judgment, is likely to adopt flexible film-shaped material in order to meet the board and portable handheld mobile device requirements, as I do not know the shatterproof performance will use general metal substrate or is a plastic substrate.On the current, conversion rate of solar cells are most likely as auxiliary power supply system, and comply with the patent "Plug & Play" and "use the device adjusts power characteristics

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