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Universal testing machine parameters on each instrument manufacturers website you may have read many times, but for its specific use may have not seen a more comprehensive summary of the articles, we today need for using attention The aspect will be described.

The use of universal testing machine from buy back the first thing is the correct installation, placement is recommended that you plan good test machine before the signing of the purchase contract, this position requires uniform temperature and humidity, ventilated room, surrounded by there should be a blank position reserved for when doing the experiment samples and reports and other relevant information.Universal testing machine body and dynamometer installation does not require a special foundation, foundation plans to prepare a general foundation and screw holes for pouring solid to stay out of the foot, but the installation must ensure that the main level of the universal testing machine, this when we can be level on the cylinder cylindrical base two horizontal and vertical position and horizontal direction to find a good level of accuracy 0.10/1000 mm Level find a ± 1, usually below the base plus horn to adjust .Dynamometer top two holes in the wire rope wear and then install.Needs to be stressed here dynamometer level is very important to find the level of the pendulum plate engraved lines of the left side of the standard line alignment so that it does not move, then curved feet against the pendulum rod large surface Level of 0.1/1000 mm on curved feet, find a ± 2.Wrong when following the base plus horn and put thallium and hanging pendulum thallium pointer must be of zero does not move.Finally, we need to open the iron gate of the top of the dynamometer check the small plumb bob line around the pointer coaxial pinion groove, Department of cord length should not be too long or too short, to the extent that most length can not be met evacuate remember the diaphragm, the shortest rotation of the pinion week aging hammer will not hit the pinion.

The second thing, of course, also need to pay special attention to the testing machine is to use the power and ground power.Normally the electrical apparatus of the universal testing machine equipped with a magnetic starter for availability button operation within the dynamometer, and a small transformer, the input power is 380 volts, the output voltage is 6 volts, and the upper right in front of the dynamometer with a 6.3 volts small indicator.Specifically, how wiring can be found in the instructions included with the electrical wiring, power and open the fuel tank and the pump pathway has been tied, after other ministries checks, can be switched on the the dynamometer countertop button, try to operate the oil pump motor, observe the flywheel whether the direction of the flywheel arrow direction, which do not meet swap power connector should make it consistent, then switch on the lower jaw seat lift motor, check the jaw seat lifting action is consistent with the text shown on the button, then check super- The hypercharge push-button to your clipboard.

The third thing need to remind the majority of users the choice of hydraulic oil, high-quality medium-viscosity mineral oil should be used in the hydraulic transmission.Oil either aqueous acid and mixtures thereof, at ordinary temperatures should not decompose, thickens, and before poured into the machine, the oil must be filtered.Due to improper oil will make the valve and the oil blockages, and the machine may vibrate, which will affect the normal operation of the testing machine.The oil reference specifications are as follows: specific gravity of 0.86 - 0.97, a freezing point of -15 ° C to -20 ° C.

Finally, you need to at all times maintain the lubrication of the machine, with the filling hole in the body above the base of the gland, oiler to lubricate the nut through the hole, the lower jaw elevating screw thread, should be based on the use of frequent lubrication, so as not to wear impede rotated.

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