EN / BIFMA European standard furniture integrated test system
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The EN / BIFMA Furniture General European standard test system is a combination of the main test platform and the measurement and control system in the BIFMA X5.1, EN 1728, EN 527, EN 1730, EN 1335, EN 14072, EN1335 and many other European and American standard technical specifications research and development on the basis of a comprehensive European standard laboratory equipment furniture products, its painstaking research and development by the Bond Technology Co., Ltd. of Taiwan for many years, since the integrated test system that the European standard furniture market, our company through the years of furniture testing equipment R & D technical experience and market tracking survey reflect the good, extensive industry evaluation and recognition and praise.

The EN / BIFMA test system test aircraft, monitoring and control system, testing a combination of modules, test load module a few most his actual applications covering a desk, office chairs, furniture, tables and chairs, outdoor tables and chairs loungers static strength and fatigue performance test items, test specifications and technical requirements are in line with the relevant aspects of European and American furniture detect a number of standard technical specifications.

Comply with a number of European standard furniture testing standards technical specifications and the broad applicability performance this is the EN / BIFMA European standard furniture integrated test system one of the most significant characteristics of the R & D, in order to enable users to get more humane operating experience, to achieve the most efficient the efficiency and precision of the test product and the results to determine the need for more cost-effective testing equipment and testing technical support, which is the original intention for the research and development of the European standard test system, is also a test, development, and expand our design and R & D capabilities best practice and prove!

Allows users to create furniture products and advanced furniture testing center and R & D needs, EN / BIFMA European standard furniture integrated test system matching accessories, installation, testing, technical support, and test programs many services, for particular, we produced a comprehensive test module, the test molds library to meet the needs of many European standard test specific test!

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