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  In recent years, we have heard many times users reflect the measured tensile tester test detection data quite different, so Masakuni detection equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the organization of two different certification agencies test than on different tensile tester sexual seized prospective trial in four testing machine, there really picking up given the large differences in data, even the testing data in the same test on a difference of one to three times normal.
  According to the the site observation Examiner different procedures and past experience, analysis, the following analysis advice and solutions, for reference.
  First, the impact of the hydraulic buffer pointer dial three different ranges of the testing machine, with the pendulum rod hung three different quality related thallium, thallium corresponding regardless of selection which range to do the inspection Yuan test, using the same hydraulic buffer.In this way, when the pendulum rod to add a different thallium maximum range was zero degrees are not the same, the sensitivity is better.Range that use the middle dial zeroing, the gravity of the pendulum over the previous decreases, thus grams Eye buffer hydraulic resistance ability than before to reduce the sensitivity slightly worse, the original point zero pointer will produce minor changes.
  Come back buffer hydraulic resistance will increase, sometimes will affect the original point zero pointer movements more than three grid and poor sensitivity.Point zero pointer in hang corresponding to the different ranges pendulum thallium give the three dial Lin zero error, therefore, the use of the method of operation of the different zero detection data is bound to produce differences in the larger problem.
  Based on the above analysis, after multiple than testing, we believe the measures to solve the problem is: Qinhuan oil, timely adjustment of the hydraulic resistance of the buffer pointer sensitivity swing range of procedures required to achieve the wells and in accordance with the specification the method of operation, the zero adjustment of the testing machine.To live in our test only see buffer buffering capacity, oil barrel, lifting rod and cylinder cover direct friction, is considered to meet the testing requirements.More quality control personnel, the replacement of three different ranges put thallium, do not look at the dial pointer refers to in three dial zero, usually just a single dial manually zero, adjust the three the zero position of the dial, which the person reading errors caused by the buffer hydraulic resistance tape, resulting in the detection point, produced a greater difference in the detected data read.Therefore, we must first by the hydraulic resistance of the the Lan entire buffer, so that the hydraulic pressure in the cylinder as far as possible reduced, in order to improve the sensitivity.And three different ranges in repeated replacement pendulum thallium, dial pointer in the amount of three different degree the disk zero engraved online, even if changes must also be the pointer changes to adjust to the indexing of 0.2 truly adjust the degree of the amount of three different disk zero, thus excluding large differences due to the testing data generated by the hydraulic buffer.
  Of course there are other factors in the joint action, pull test shows that we take for granted is elusive, but the Bond machine is technically possible to avoid these problems, so you can rest assured!
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