Rubber tensile machine maintenance
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  Chemical Name of the rubber for the rubber, the skeleton of the linear polymer chain with an unsaturated double bond, this double bond usually present oxathiolane can be opened, when crosslinking is formed between the adjacent key.Will be solidified into the thermosetting polymers TS (transition state).Cis poly butadiene monomer can be opened.
  The rubber raw divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber.Shape into a massive raw rubber, latex, liquid rubber and powder rubber.Latex rubber colloidal water dispersion; liquid rubber as rubber oligomer, not before vulcanization is generally a viscous liquid; powder rubber is a latex processing into a powder to facilitate the ingredients and manufacture.Developed in the 1960s, the thermoplastic rubber without chemical vulcanization, while the use shaping thermoplastics processing method.The rubber using divided into general-purpose and special categories.Is an insulator, not conductive, but if moistened with water or a different temperature, then there is likely to become conductive.Conductive is on material internal molecular or ionic conduction of electrons easier case.Rubber pull test usually rubber tensile machine.
  Rubber tensile machine in addition to function more in line with the characteristics of the rubber, and other test project can be done, of course, can also do other tensile test.But we want to talk today about the tensile machine maintenance after the purchase, In addition to the normal use, you should also pay attention to routine maintenance.
  For the the rubber Rally maintenance Masakuni special attention to daily use waterproof, moisture, beams and workbench regular smear anti-rust oil to prevent rust, rubber tensile machine for large precision test instruments.Secondly, it should be noted that the jaws of the clamp or sliding surface should be kept clean to avoid the bump.Should promptly clean up the slag debris left in the jaws, If the jaws feet partially clogged, steel brush dipped in gasoline cleaning, avoid using hard tools to clean up.Finally, the pieces easily rust or long-term without assistive devices, such as clamps, jaws, connecting pin, smear anti-rust oil.Corrosion is one of the main forms of the fastener destruction of cars, motorcycles and a variety of vehicles, machinery will cause great losses.According to statistics, the direct economic losses every year due to metal corrosion caused by national economic output by about 2% to 4%.Instrument fasteners only strengthen the antirust management of all aspects of the production process, with the selection of reasonable detergents, packaging materials, anti-rust oil in order to play its due role, or even the best anti-rust oil, they can not achieve the desired effect .
  As we all know, pulling machine for a production-oriented enterprises should be more important.Products only after rigorous test to production and then put on the market.Enterprises should be in line with the consumer is responsible for the concept to grow their own business, especially rubber production and processing enterprises, because the rubber has a reversible deformation of highly elastic polymer materials.Elastic, a small external force larger deformation at room temperature, remove the external force restitution.Rubber are completely amorphous polymer, and its glass transition temperature (T g) of low molecular weight is often very large, larger than a few hundred thousand.Rubber and its products in the processing, storage and use of the process, due to the combined effects of internal and external factors cause the gradual deterioration of the rubber physical and chemical properties and mechanical properties, and finally the loss of value in use, this change is called rubber aging.Performance surface cracking, tacky, hardening, softening, chalking, discoloration, mildew, etc..
  As mentioned above, the rubber is not just a pull test, while the aging test, of course, Bond production you need rubber series testing machine, welcome the advice!
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