GB combined with the ISTA Certified transportation packaging performance test classification and major transportation standard of
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Performance testing of transport packaging: the general provisions of the three areas;
Mechanical resistance: the transport package can withstand multiple drops, vibration and other modes of transport (including trucking, shipping, train, airplane), stacking and other external forces without damage, we often speak mechanical performance is the anti-drop, shock, vibration and resistance performance.
2, anti-environmental impact performance: the transportation package transport packaging should be guaranteed in the whole process of circulation for some special classes of products, with a waterproof, moisture, rain, air pressure resistance performance.
3, anti-the biochemical role performance: transport package during transport should be subject to the insects and rodents outside biological, chemical resistance and anti-enzymes performance.
Main transport pilot testing standards;
1, the temperature and humidity processing test (GB / T 4857.2-2005); fixed judgment for all carton products, national standards for the boxes before the test must be related to temperature and humidity pretreatment to each other than on the product .
2, the impact test: impact test (GB/T4857.15-99); impact test also includes horizontal plane impact test, slant impact test, hanging pendulum impact test, such testing for the product during transport of impacts prejudge .
3 Drop Test (GB/T4857.5-92); drop test is divided into ordinary products drop and large transport package drop test.
Vibration test (GB / T 4857.7-2005 and GB / T 4857.23-2003)
Compression test (GB / T 4857.3/4-2008)
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