Multifunction the torque rotary fatigue testing machine function and application notes
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First, the device uses:

This is a test rotary torque can be used, the the multifunctional rotary reciprocating fatigue life testing machine, applicable to a wire on a rotatable rotary connecting member, the torque of the toy and the like with the torsional characteristics of the material embodiment torsion test, rotation fatigue experiments.

Second, the measurement and control system features:

The multi-function torque rotation fatigue testing machine with intelligent PLC programmable controller, you can edit a variety of test scenarios, corresponding features control only the different testing requirements, effective implementation jog, manual, automatic, Ministry of moving , and even moving the control mode, to meet the needs of the many functions of control and test.

Third, the application specification:

Only different test materials do torque and torsion life, combined with supporting test mold and sample of Division I assist device to carry out preparatory work before the experiment, or edit the corresponding test program in the measurement and control system at the same time, major steps are described below :

1, first determine the test sample test, based on the type of torque and life testing to choose whether to install the tension meter / torque meter;

2, of the sample at one end with the workpiece holding fixture clamp, the other end can be used to reverse the the turn auxiliary member for stable positioning and fixing,

3, according to the the reasonable test spacing between the length of the sample and the test situation, the need to be flexible loosen the fixed code, adjust the position of the specimen in the sliding table;

4, when the sample is fixed in place, everything is ready, starting the test button to enter the test mode;

When the test conditions, test the opportunity to automatically shut down, and restore the state before the test, this time to facilitate the user to remove the sample test data recording and sample status and function of the test!

Fourth, attached to the main structure:



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