Furniture physics and the physical and chemical properties of the test project summary
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For furniture exporting country, the quality of the furniture and detection is also well received by domestic and international stakeholders of particular concern.Then China what furniture detection project?

By the common furniture test can usually be divided into two, namely the physical and chemical properties of the test and the physical characteristics of test, physical and chemical properties of the test project less relative to the physical characteristics of the test items, including formaldehyde content test, pentachlorophenol content test azo content of the test, the amount of lead paint testing, the test of the wood moisture content, fungicides content test, heavy metals (lead, chromium, etc.) tests, the resistance of the metal member to corrosion tests, etc., are more prevalent in furniture components of the test.

Physical test items of furniture are different according to the different test items, such as we need physical strength you need from test bench and hand push furniture, such as the level of fatigue test (the cantilever or upright cabinet), overhanging weight test the level static weight test, the level of impact testing, the vertical static weight test, the vertical fatigue test (the cantilever or upright cabinet) drop test, vertical stability test, test for sofas and chairs, sofa chairs face / seatback / armrest static weight test, sofa chairs face / seatback fatigue testing , chair legs forward / the lateral static weight test, chairs face / back / armrest impact test, drop test, forward / lateral dumping test (no handrails) after test lateral to the dumping dumping test (with armrests) the armrest / chair ring the lateral static weight test, the armrest down static weight test, chairs face / seatback fatigue test, chair legs forward / lateral static weight test, diagonal efforts to test and chairs face / back / armrest impact test.

Special furniture products can be customized according to the specific test items or customers internal specification testing services.Such services are usually covered a lot of other countries and international test project, such as ANSI / BIFMA furniture testing: chairs, file archives, seating, tables, flat-panel systems, modular units, storage unit or small office / headquarters furniture and equipment, ANSI / SOHO standard test.

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