A precision formaldehyde emission collection and analysis device
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Formaldehyde emission formaldehyde emission climate box actual test and monitoring, in order to enhance the sophisticated collection, and to avoid interference from the external environment conditions, and can enhance In particular, we are developing a quantitative analysis of the effect of the release effective multifunctional precision formaldehyde emission collection and analysis device, so that users get a more comprehensive, more accurate, more efficient, more effective test results.

Precision formaldehyde emission collection and analysis device the only multifunctional formaldehyde emission detection 1m3 climate chamber components supporting unit, and both the collection and analysis of formaldehyde emission two functions, so the core of the technology is use a formaldehyde release state organic collection, measurement, dynamic monitoring, data analysis process through intelligent control system, to achieve the stable release state system of collecting data for real-time monitoring and monitored by the curve in the form of expression ...!

Precision formaldehyde emission collection and analysis device is our basis LYT1612-2004, GB / T 18580, EN 717 standard R & D set of auxiliary accessories unit dedicated to formaldehyde gas emission test chamber, the device can effectively reduce and avoid some The interference of the external environmental conditions, and on this basis to effectively improve the effectiveness and precision of the quantitative analysis of formaldehyde.

As we all know, with the improvement of living standards of the people as well as improving the lives of people living on the special requirements of survival of the living environment, the consumer and to enjoy home products and furniture decorations while formaldehyde and harmful gases began to increasingly quantitative measurement and analysis of formaldehyde became immediate attention and dread, so to protect our products, improve product environmental safety performance, increased confidence in the market, to open up to share the most important initiatives of the favorable market share.

The utility model invention patent, and is protected by the State Intellectual Property Office, more detailed consultation to get in touch with our company or to visit the factory, communication, negotiation and understanding welcome!


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