Wheelchair structural strength testing machine
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Wheelchair structural strength testing machine, also known as foot prop durability and structural strength testing machine, the device in accordance with GB / T 18029.8-2008 GBT 18029.1-2008, ISO7876-8 standard R & D, for wheelchair footrest do pad, handrails and other parts of the tensile strength and static load the holding pressure endurance test, or study the mechanical properties of other similar products.

Wheelchair standard ISO7876-8, the structural strength of the wheelchair is an important detection indicators, the structural strength of this and GB / T 18029.8-2008 the wheelchair has an effect equivalent to a function of the application of the testing machine and The test project effective combination of the same parts and different parts of the two standards, both quality inspection requirements to meet the inspection of foreign wheelchair users for users, but also to meet the technical requirements of the quality inspection of domestic wheelchairs,

Control and compliance of the quality requirements of the wheelchair and inspection capabilities, this does not light in the direction of the development of the market business, more time is also confirmed production enterprises to foreign trade orders customers a powerful description of the quality of their monitoring capabilities and production capacity, so on with the wheelchair testing and related test equipment matching is to improve the basic protection of corporate reputation for quality and condition!

Face wheelchair mainland market, development and production and consumption requirements for wheelchairs and related products are also constantly change, occupy the domestic market, favorable business opportunities, which in itself is unusual business.The face of more than one billion, the face of the whole earth sixth most populous country to face with the strengthening of the human aging trend, this industry has some unique characteristics and application trends!

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