The loungers handrails do pad static load and stability testing instruments
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Loungers production and actual use of its own security and stability and lifetime durability test and testing is to ensure that the important action for the quality of its products, in order to better promote and maintain the credibility of the loungers product quality and enhance customer products competitive advantage, following about a deck chair armrest to do pad static load and stability testing instruments.

Loungers handrails do pad static load and loungers armrest vertically downwards static load test machine loungers forward stability test equipment test equipment combined with each other, so it has a variety of test feature set efficiency as a whole to achieve stability test instruments characteristics and advantages!A relatively traditional loungers test equipment more local test, the equipment they have quite a wide range of test performance, test function, not only has the flexibility of local test function also has the Structural Division conditioning test function!

In the design of the device hardware and software R & D, to accommodate the technical specifications and test points of of GB loungers system in Europe, America and China, in particular, only different areas of client users with a wide range of application performance, control system uses a flexible smart functional customization and functional optimization series PLC editing program, according to different customers and test requirements, taking into account the various types of experiments to meet the application requirements of the environment!

Pad static load and stability testing instruments loungers handrails practical application and operation the interface matched human control interface design to simplify the communication end, precision to ensure reliable and stable transmission of experimental data, which not only improve test the efficiency, while also reducing the incidence of the testing machine using fault!

Furniture Series testing machines and testing equipment , please refer to our product catalog and technical specifications, technical specifications and detailed plans for more loungers handrails do pad static load stability test instruments, please contact with us!


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