The EU toy performance requirements and furniture required for the test project
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Some time ago we broadcast the news of the EU on a new specification of the toy industry, the European Parliament adopted the new toy safety directive from the two aspects to improve toy safety and strengthen toys regulatory comprehensive revision of the old Toys Directive.Revised mechanical physics, electrical properties, hygiene and safety, labeling requirements, manufacturers responsibility in terms of security, in particular in the area of ??chemical safety substantial modifications, proposed a large number of banned chemical substances.The clear toy products, including the requirement to meet the REACH directive EU chemicals regulatory requirements, which provides a clear legal basis for the future increase in the limit of the new chemical substance.

Here is the main chemical safety requirements of toys, the limit of harmful elements in the new directive from 8 to 19.And introduced for the first time for toys CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic or cause reproductive toxicity) the special terms and conditions of the material, increasing prohibit the use of certain allergenic fragrance substances.Clearly the chemical composition of the toy materials must be consistent with the requirements of the EU REACH Regulation, the specific content: the migration element limit types substantial increase, limited significantly reduce the migration element limit increased to 19 from the previous eight kinds, added aluminum, boron, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel, tin, strontium, and zinc and other nine limited migration of elements; for migration of the limitations of the elements chromium, old instruction requires only to limit the total chromium, not stars valence; new instruction requires trivalent chromium and hexavalent chromium were restricted; limit for tin element, in addition to the inorganic tin, the organic tin limits.Old instruction for all materials is basically unified limited, the new directive on toy material will be "dry, friable, powdered or pliable toy material, liquid or sticky toy material" and can be scraped off toy material The classes were set high and low limit requirement.The new directive was first proposed to prohibit the use of 66 kinds of fragrance allergy agents in toys, the new directive to increase 55 sensitization flavor and 11 kinds of content over 0.01% requires the identification of allergenic organic compounds.The 88/378/EEC directive is no explicit prohibition of organic compounds.

Another furniture for our lives, it is necessary to understand its test items.Let roughly explain: furniture testing testing testing equipment is used for furniture, all kinds of performance test equipment, mainly through a specific load and set furniture products all kinds of physical and chemical properties of detection and the holding pressure and compression frequency functional studies.The furniture, the main materials that include wood materials, metal materials, sheet metal materials, these materials need mechanical testing, chemical properties, physical and chemical properties, corrosion resistance and smoke test!The furniture software material; including textiles, leather, fabric mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties of the test, to test its mechanical strength and abrasion ability or anti-breaking strength performance test!Furniture overall mechanical testing; including overall performance compression test, durability test , fatigue strength test, impact test, drop test, furniture overall environmental performance test; including furniture temperature humidity test, formaldehyde and voc detection, anti-corrosive trial.The Masakuni professional production of the above-mentioned equipment, welcome the advice!


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