Office chair base impact resistance tester principle
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Masakuni office chair base impact resistance tester is based on the American BIFMA standard R & D and production of high quality machine, used to test the Seat surface under the repeated impact of a certain weight, speed and a predetermined number of times, in various parts of the deformation, loose and weld the extent of the damage to determine the quality of the product.

Office chair base impact resistance tester test method is the office chair placement test platform, hanging a certain weight of sandbags or weights, a single lift a certain height to impact the seat surface in the vertical direction, and then watch the extent of damage resistance to further test its quality .Shock interval, the number can be set freely, to reach a set number of automatic shutdown, simple operation.The fixed office chairs tripod, specify the weight of a sandbag, set the time and number of times, for the reciprocating impact seat surface, stroke, direction, speed, time and frequency can be adjusted settings.

Office chair base impact resistance tester need to pay attention to the parameters Seat height 350-600mm or specified the seat surface load for 100-125Ib, and the impact of stroke 2in or designated, the test speed of 20 beats / min or specify; counter for LCD 0 - 999999 times 6, rated voltage AC ~ 220V 50Hz, the Masakuni office chair base impact resistance tester can also set the power to exert pressure reaches the set value automatically shut down, the installation of the sword shield; breakpoint stop testing breakpoints or destroy the automatic shutdown; control mode, man-machine interface touch screen to print a test report; fully automatic operation, one-touch automatic operation, the specimen is placed, as long as a key is pressed, the following example test The process is completed.

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