Sofa testing instrument introduction
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  For the detection of the sofa can be divided into different categories according to the test items and test parts.For example, we can according to the the sofa needs test project is divided into a test of physical performance tests (static and impact) and chemical properties, can also be divided according to the different parts of the test the sofa backrest strength test, durability test, the arm of the sofa sofa seat surface static pressure test Sofa wheel abrasion test, the surface of the sofa crocking detection, etc.
  The above test is needed for the testing machine corresponding.Such as sofa physical performance test testing machine, the sofa hydrostatic strength tester, sofa chemical property test tank, sofa formaldehyde emission detector, sofa durability testing machine , sofa abrasion tester and so on.For these machines how to operate it?Please refer to our machine manual for operation and maintenance.
  Under normal circumstances, as long as the proper operation and maintenance of the machine is not any problems.Normal operation is set up in accordance with the test procedure, the test standard and the completion of the test.You need to pay attention to the maintenance of machine lubrication sweep dust by date.
  Need to pay attention to use the connection must be carried out in accordance with the instructions on the calibration of the power supply voltage, while in the case of normal test conversion, etc. Avoid unnecessary.The machine should be placed ventilation, and keep at room temperature.If not in accordance with the requirements of maintenance may cut short machine life.
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