The mattress durability test machine test principle
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The mattress durability test machine and can be referred to as mattress impact test machine, mattress mechanical properties testing machine, mattress life detector, it is used to test a variety of soft furniture such as spring mattresses for long-term repeatability The load bearing capacity.The machine is in strict accordance with the standard ASTM F1566BS EN1957 and design.

Mattress durability testing machine to test the principle of using two load modules to placed horizontal mattress loaded position above a certain height, free fall to a certain frequency alternating repeated loading mattresses to test the mattress on the long-term repeatability The load bearing capacity.Here load block usually circular drum or hexagonal drum, in accordance with national standards and U.S. standards should be equipped with rollers in line with regional standards.

The durability test machine is usually the life of the palm fiber mattress and soft foam polymeric materials mattress does not apply to the charge and the detection of water mattress or air mattress.Accurate test of the machine, the force value accuracy of ± 0.1% (20 ~ 100% FS), the speed can also be accurate to within ± 1%.Machine accuracy or called on the measurement error is determined by the mechanical system and photoelectric encoder.

Mattress durability test machine can be collected 400 times per second, the force value to a resolution of 1/10000, there are a variety of machine applicable to the sensor, such as 1 to 500N to 1000N ~ 10000N These are customers themselves decide.Another test speed adjustable 0.1mm/min ~ 500mm/min.The units can also switch back and forth, such as the power of the unit can switch between kgf / N / lbf, displacement choose between mm / cm / in.

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