Ahead of ISO 7176-8:2014 series wheelchair test equipment and test machines
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Ahead of ISO 7176-8:2014 series wheelchair test equipment and test machines

What is the "advanced ISO 7176-8:2014 series wheelchair test equipment and test machine", which is based on a beyond the existing test requirements and proposed beyond the existing standards can not be covered and can not be done for the new intelligent wheelchair proposed more front-end, more forward-looking testing technology, equipment, such as a few years ago when the popularization of 4G network began to develop 5G cutting-edge investment and research and development.

At present ISO 7176-8:2014 is one of the most referenced and referenced test criteria for wheelchair testing and performance evaluation, it covers the most important and commonly used mechanical properties (strength), fatigue, shock, drop and other major test items of medical device wheelchairs, but with the application of new technology, new intelligence, new technology in wheelchair research and development and manufacturing, so that the current 2014 version of the standard does not fully meet and cover the latest test requirements of wheelchairs, Therefore, based on a large number of types of wheelchairs corresponding to a variety of specific functions of the test research and development practice has been accumulated and developed ahead of the ISO 7176-8:2014 series of wheelchair test equipment and test machines.

Ahead of ISO 7176-8:2014 series wheelchair test equipment and test machine is an important cutting-edge products and needs of modern intelligent laboratory development, it is based on the current experience, more based on the experience of foreword and creativity, we know that the frontier is and its important, after all, now is the information age, the network era, the big data era, the global competition for the survival of the fittest era, is no longer eight hundred miles of urgent, thousands of miles of flying book station-style era and the era of the city-style camel trade, So whether you do any product and research and development, operation or ... Forward thinking, forward-thinking development model is particularly important, which we in Europe and the United States, Japan, many high-end technology companies, high-precision products in the deep experience and feeling.

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