PVC floor test equipment, test machine, tester package (recommended by Armstrong)
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PVC floor test equipment, test machine, tester package (recommended by Armstrong)


Speaking of PVC floor test equipment, test machine, tester supporting program, we first understand the current PVC market industry development, as follows:

With the rapid change and development of PVC flooring of new materials, products become more and more rich, any PVC flooring research and development and promotion, are trying to promote Europe and the United States and China's domestic demand market gradually opened, but at the same time, the new PVC flooring manufacturers are also increasing, therefore, the market choice diversification and peer competition diversification and maximize their own cost benefits of competition, so that each floor manufacturer has to face more competitive challenges.

So what is at the heart of the competition between new brand PVC vendors and well-known PVC vendors? Most of us are familiar with is: "product diversification and richness and cost-effective", but also a key is "quality"! What is quality?

Quality is the guarantee of the development and maintenance of the enterprise's reputation.

Quality is to allow customers to pay for long-term consumption support trust protection;

Quality is the cost control guarantee of product research and development to provide qualified effectiveness;

Quality is the biggest catalyst for obtaining customer orders;

Quality is the long-term development of enterprise responsibility protection.

Yes, when it comes to quality, it also speaks to today's theme: "PVC floor test equipment, test machines, tester supporting programs (Armstrong recommended), " the so-called supporting program is not simply based on the standards performed by the product to choose the type of configuration list, but according to the potential development of the market possibilities and expectations, according to the quality of customer concerns, Each centralized floor buyers concerned about the quality assurance points and flooring enterprises themselves need to face research and development and promotion of the most should pay attention to product quality monitoring and measurement points to comprehensive consideration and decision-making, the so-called supporting principle is "money spent on the blade, used in practice"!

Armstrong's most internationally renowned flooring manufacturers, their testing equipment, test machines, test machines, testers have a certain degree of extensive adaptability and security, to Zhengbang BA-B series of products as an example, Zhengbang combined with the actual situation for this purpose we specifically concentrated some programs and plans, see Zhengbang technical support team technical documentation and information.


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